WB20CB - Open and Short Locator

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Features & Benefits


  • HV Hold: Requires the user to be at the control panel and holding the HV ON push button to provide a high voltage output for either open or short locating
  • Ground Meters: All meter at are ground potential to help guard against shock
  • Phase Reversal Switch
  • Zero Start Interlock: Ensures that the voltage control adjustment is turned to zero volts when the high voltage transformer is energized.
  • Gravity Operated Solenoid: Discharges the test object when the power is turned off. This provides added safety for the operator and theWB20CB


  • Three tests in one unit: Tests for discontinuities (OPENS) in either conductor in a pair of conductors and locates the position of existing SHORTS between the two conductors. Also capable of performing a DC proof test.
  • Variable HV output  allows the location of low and high resistance shorts not possible with low voltage Time Domain Reflectometers (TDR s).
  • Rack Mountable  easy installation into a 19” rack
  • NIST traceable for significant cost savings on outside calibrations


  • Telephone cable
  • Power cable
  • Any cables with shielded grounds
  • SPK1-WB20CB: Spare Parts Kit for WB20CB
  • EXT-WARN-1: One year extended warranty

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Application Guide

Read the cable fault location application guide here! Download