TMS 580 - Transformer Loss Measuring System

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Load loss measurement to reveal indications about stray losses and winding resistance.
  • No-load loss measurement to determine transformer excitation.
  • Heat run to verify temperature rises of oil and windings.
  • Induced voltage test to check the voltage withstand capability of the insulations.


  • High measuring accuracy of maximum ±0.35% of the indicated power at a typical frequency of 50 Hz and a power factor of 0.05. The stability of the error is guaranteed for 12 month.
  • Short throughput times due to the elimination of instrument transformer rewiring, remote range selection and computer aided processing.
  • Assured documentation quality with a precise test report, which is generated automatically at the end of a measurement.
  • Excellent technical services are guaranteed by our skilled and experienced engineers. They ensure perfect operating condition over the systems entire service life.
  • High operating convenience reduces the learning process and minimizes faulty operations. Intuitive windows operating software helps getting familiar with the instrument very fast.
  • Transformer Manufacturers
  • Transmission Network Service Providers
  • Distribution Network Service Providers
  • Research Institutes