SSG 200-180 / 100-150 - Universal High Current Impulse Generator

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Advanced Flexibility
  • Long Service Life
  • Fast Impulse Repetition Rates
  • Advanced Stability
  • Automation
  • Arrestors and varistors
  • Building protection elements
  • Airplanes, helicopters, wind generator blades, etc.
  • Research
  • Testing of breakers
  • EMP & NEMP tests
  • Military applications
  • Feeding of Lasers
  • Plasma applications
  • Test Fixture, explosion proof, pneumatic control
  • Protective Enclosure enhances safety of operating personnel, reduces noise level and EM interference
  • Safety earthing system. A movable steel / insulated tape short-circuits all capacitors and grounds the whole long duration impulse current generator when it is turned off
  • Additional circuits like Crow-Bar or peaking circuits depending of the wave shape requirements