5462 - Recovery Voltage Meter

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Measurement methods: Charging Voltage, Recovery Voltage, Initial voltage rise slope, Peak recovery voltage, Time to peak, Insulation resistance, Polarization index, Polarization current, Interference voltage
  • Automatic microprocessor-controlled measurement
  • Definable test procedure helps in reducing the test time
  • Built-in thermal Printer
  • RS 232 C interface for computer connection
  • Built-in test box for self testing
  • Analysis software available optionally
  • A handy portable instrument, specially designed to withstand the harshest of environments
  • LCD screen shows results in alpha-numerical and graphical form


  • Non-destructive diagnosis of the state of paper-oil insulation systems (effect of moisture content and ageing on power transformers).
  • Easy to use, ready to measure on power transformers without any knowledge about geometrical or electrical configurations.
  • Clear results indications, as water content in paper (in percentage) and recommended maximum temperature on the transformer.
  • On-Site diagnosis of oil paper isolation on power transformers.
  • Factory detection of non convenient power transformers drying procedures.