PIM110 Ring Wave Impulse Module

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits
  • Floating high voltage output
  • Ring wave 5us – 100kHz (voltage & current)
  • 8kV impulse voltage
  • 12W, 30W and 200W source impedance
  • Impulse voltage & current monitors
  • Accurate Impulse Synchronisation – The PIM 110 impulses can be applied to the AC power wave with ±1° accuracy.
  • Safe and Easy – The interlocked HV section and the integrated controller allow your operators to test safely and easily.
  • Sturdy and Reliable – Careful component selection ensures that the PIM 110 will continue to operate under the most strenuous testing regime.
  • Report Generation – The unit can automatically generate test reports without a computer. Add WinFEAT&R control and reporting software to collect and collate data in any format you like.
  • Perform tests as you really want – Because the EUT requires a CDN to enable coupling of the Surge impulse, PIM 110 pulses are guaranteed to be within the standard specification at the point where an EUT connects to the test system.
  • Single & Three phase power line systems
  • IEC 61000-4-12 Power & Data lines
  • ANSI C62.41 Power lines
  • Many IEC & EN Product standards
  • Other international requirements for Ring wave impulses