MTS - Motor Test Sets

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Features & Benefits


  • Motorized tap selector switch
  • Remote PLC Controller
  • Emergency OFF switch and warning lamp for increased safety
  • Control power circuit breaker
  • Digital voltage and current meters for accurate measurements
  • Digital tach, temp, watt and power factor meters included with all test sets
  • Primary overload protection
  • interlocked HV taps increase user safety
  • Lifting provisions (crane and forklift)
  • External interlock provisions


  • Variable transformer offers the most stable output available.
  • Continuous variable voltage from near zero to full voltage.
  • Complete metering to verify conditions of motor under test.
  • Decreased startup cost with minimal mains wiring required.
  • Motorized tap switch uses the latest technology to ensure reliable and accurate testing.
  • Touch screen PLC controls require minimal user training.
  • Patented PVT design allows for smaller footprint and fewer moving parts.
  • Integrated safety and overload protection.
  • Motor Testing
  • NEMA MG1
  • IEEE 112
  • HHMTS-VIB: Digitial vibration meter with 2 probes
  • HHMTS-VIB-P: Additional vibration probe
  • HHMTS-TEMP-RTD: RTD temperature metering
  • HHMTS-TAP-7200: Additional tap rated 7200V
  • HHMTS-TAP-13.8kV: Additional high voltage taps rated 11,000V and 13,800V. Only available on systems 500kVA and higher
  • MTS-XXX-BOOM: Boom arm outputs for motor test set
  • HHMTS-12V500A-SFS: Additional field supply, 0-12V, 500A DC
  • MTS-IMP-50/50: Impedance supply 50V, 50A
  • HHMTS-XXX-IN-VM/CM: Input voltmeter & current meter
  • HHMTS-XXX-DYNA: Dynamometer

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