MIDAS micro 2883 - C & Tan Delta / Power Factor Tester

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • 7″ color touch screen for easy operation
  • Compact, one-box design (25 kg / 55 lbs)
  • Three operating modes: basic, guided, advanced
  • 12 kV high voltage source
  • Variable frequency range of 15 – 400 Hz
  • Accuracy of 0.3% (capacitance) and 1×10-4 (tan delta)


  • Shortest measuring time for capacitance, dissipation factor / power factor testing
  • Safe operation with interlock, emergency stop, safety checks and HV ground surveillance
  • Rugged case with included accessories bag
  • Highest accuracy
  • Advanced interference suppression


  • Power Transformers
  • Instrument Transformers
  • Bushings
  • Capacitors
  • Circuit Breakers
  • Surge Arrestors
  • 2883/SAFE: Safety Strobe Light
  • 2283/FS interlock foot switch: Foot operated interlock switch as alternative to the included hand switch
  • 288x TEMP: Temperature probe for surface mount
  • 288x TEMP2: Laser-infrared, contactless thermo /hygrometer (for determination of tank(oil) temperature, air temperature and air humidity)
  • 2283/WE2 and WE3: Warranty extension to two years (WE2)or three years (WE3). Standard warranty is 1 year.
  • MIDAS Office: Software for offline analysis of measurement data and creation of customized test sequences
  • 2283/HOOK: Hook for high voltage connection (instead of included clamp)
  • 2883/HCB: Set of flexible bands for hot collar tests or for guarding of leakage currents
  • 2883/ALB: Adapter cable for standard capacitors (Lemo3 _ BNC), i.e. Tettex type 3370 NK:
  • 6835 Oil test cell: Test cell for on-site measurements on liquid insulation samples, max. 10 kV

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