HVC 4000 Series - High Voltage TDR Couplers

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Compact High Voltage TDR Coupler
  • Compatible with Virtually all Cable Fault Locators
  • Interlock Safety on Mode Selector Switch
  • Front Mounted Mode Selector Switch
  • Female MC High Voltage Input Connector
  • Male MC High Voltage Output Connector
  • Available for Use with Thumpers up to 70kV


  • Female MC Connector: for easy connection of thumpers
  • HV Output Cable:  rated for voltages of 70kV DC
  • Couple Advanced TDRs: to Standard Thumpers
  • Compact: User Friendly Design
  • Low Voltage: TDR Compatible
  • Suitable for use with cable fault locators
  • Allow modern cable fault locators to be used in conjunction with TDR’s
  • Allows for quick connection of a low voltage TDR.
  • TDR 1170: Time Domain Reflectometer
  • TDR1150: Time Domain Reflectometer
  • CET2000: Controlled Energy 2000J Thumper
  • CF30-8:  0-15kV, 900J Hipot/Thumper
  • CF70-12: 0-25kV, 3750J Hipot/Thumper
  • CF70-24: 0-25kV, 7000J Hipot/Thumper
  • EXT-WARN-1: One year extended warranty