Frequency Response Analyzer

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Embedded computer with windows based software and touch screen
  • Transfer Voltage Function U1/U2 (f)
  • Impedance Function U1/I2
  • Automatic Interpretation according to Standard DL / T 911 – 2004
  • High signal-to-noise ratio due to output voltage up to 12 Vpeak-peak at 50 Ohm (24 Vpeak-peak at 1 MOhm)


  • High measurement reliability and reproducibility due to active probes design and a clear defined connection and grounding technique
  • Ease of use due to automated Windows test software and large color touch screen interface and remote start button
  • Quick setup with intuitive guide-through user interface. Test setups and results can be stored and recalled, printed out with the built-in printer or used for later analysis
  • Safety connection control feature proofs test setup before applying regular test voltage to guarantee safety of the personnel and instrument.

  • Power- and distribution transformers
  • IEC 60076-18
  • 5310/WE2: Warranty Extension to 2 years for 2795/2796
  • 5310/WE3: Warranty Extension to 3 years for 2795/2796

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