FlashPhone - Digital Acoustic/ Ballistic Cable Fault

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Seismic/Electronic combination sensors
  • Large LCD display with backlight
  • Re-chargeable lithium batteries
  • Battery monitor on LCD display
  • Ballistic bar graph LCD display
  • External automatic battery charger
  • Watertight enclosure
  • Rugged foam-lined carrying case


  • Simple Operation: only a minimal amount of user training is needed to locate faults
  • Locates Faults quickly: faults are located with a minimal amount of time and effort
  • Smart Device: is able to discriminate between audible thumps” and background noise
  • The FlashPhone can be used accurately with any surge generator/primary cable fault locator on the market!

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Application Guide

Read about the 800PL Series here! Download