Controls for Impulse Voltage Generators

Control systems for impulse generators are a crucial part of a complete impulse test system.  From customized test procedures to measuring values and built in alarms the Haefely Hipotronics impulse control units GC 223 and GC 257 can provide a reliable and advanced solution.

Designed to be used in high voltage environments the HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS controls units can be connected with an impulse measuring device (HIAS, DIAS or DMI) to form a full impulse control and measurement system.  The controllers can also be fully remote controlled via an RS 232 interface and they also support automated test sequences if this option is required.

GC 223 Impulse Generator Control

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When combined with our advanced impulse test systems, they are used to test HV apparatus such as Power Transformers, Instrument Transformers, Switchgear, Breaker, HV Cable etc. Tests are conducted with lightning, full or chopped waves, and / or switching impulses. HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS impulse generators integrate the highest safety systems which ensure a safe operation for personnel and test object. The desktop controller GC 223 allows comfortable and flexible control of an impulse generator system. The unit can be connected with an impulse measurement device to form an integral control and measurement system. The GC 223 can also be fully remote controlled via RS 232 interface. The unit supports manual operation as well as automated test sequences. The device is primarily intended for use in automated test bays, which are controlled by a host computer. Beside this the instrument can also be applied for stand-alone impulse generators, which do not require an embedded solution.

GC 257 Impulse Generator PC Control

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The Industrial PC based control system is specifically designed for the needs of HV impulse testing. The system is running a Windows based operating software package. Active and passive safety is implemented into the system as independent external emergency switches, software watchdogs, graphic symbols and status information for fast understanding. A protocol file can be used for a further calculation. The protocol file is accessible in ASCI format which can be imported in the most spreadsheet or stochastic programs. A Report File can be created for further data processing.


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  • Transformer Testing
  • Switchgear Testing
  • Surge Arrester Testing

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Cable Type & Routine Testing

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