Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits
  • Easy to operate with manual and automated test modes, software assisted test preparation, pre-defined test routines and visual aided test setups
  • Economic & Efficient Touch screen guarantees reduction of time and effort – Experience and know-how at a reasonable price
  • Safe and reliable operation by using safety interlock, warning lamp and emergency stop functions
  • Voltage and current monitoring of surge impulses and EUT power provides valuable feedback to the test engineer
  • Automatic generation of test report, including test parameters, test setup and test result
  • Compliance & Pre-compliance testing of electrical products
  • CE marking
  • Product development and debugging
  • Compliance testing of telecom and wireless devices
  • EN 61000-4-4 Ed. 3
  • ANSI/IEEE C62.41
  • EN 61000-6-1
  • EN 61000-6-2
  • IEC 60601-1-2
  • IEC 61000-4-4 Ed. 3
  • IEC 61326
  • IEC 61850-3
  • EFT Verification Attenuator Set: 50dB, 50 Ohm and 54dB 1kOhm attenuators used for EFT/Burst waveform verification
  • Verification Adapter: Adapter used to verify EFT/Burst output at line outout
  • IP4B Capacitive Coupling Clamp: used for data and control lines in accordance to IEC 61000-4-4 and ANSI C37.90.1
  • FP-COMB32: automatic three phase CDN for EFT/ Burst Testing
  • FP-EFT32M: Manual three phase CDN for EFT/Burst Testing up to 690VAC, 32A
  • FP-EFT100M: Manual three phase CDN for EFT/Burst Testing up to 690VAC, 100A

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