AKV 9310: Partial discharge passive measuring impedance

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Easy to connect
  • High input current
  • Internal voltage divider
  • Output for external low arm voltage measurement (floating connection)


  • Passive coupling impedance: no batteries or charger needed
  • Fulfill the IEC and ANSI standard: Measuring band exceed the requirements of the IEC and ANSI standard.
  • Built in Overvoltage protection: The built in overvoltage protection will protect the PD detector in case a flash in the test object would happen during the test.
  • Internal voltage divider: will bring the synchronization and voltage measurement signal to the PD detector
  • Easy to integrate into test systems: Its compact design, standard BNC outputs and grounded/floating switch makes the integration or replacement extremely easy.
  • Partial discharge measurements of:
    • Power and Distibution Transformers
    • Instrument Transformers
    • Rotating Machines
    • Cables
    • Switchgears
    • Surge Arrestors
    • Research & Development
  • AKV 9310T: General testing
  • AKV 9310DC: DC testing

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Product Line Overview

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