ACS / PSZ - AC Dielectric Test Equipment, Cylinder Type

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits
  • Flexible high voltage connection options
  • Sophisticated protection features for optimal test object and personnel protection
  • Option to add air-cushion base frame
  • Compact dimensions perfect for minimum space requirements
  • Large range of applications
  • Low acoustic noise level (approx. 65 – 75 dBA)
  • Power compensation inductance guarantees linear voltage distribution for systems with three or more stacked transformers
  • Power compensation inductance reduce the power required on the primary side (LV) of the test system
  • Wet Testing
  • Heavy corona
  • Pollution Tests
  • OT 257 AC: Operating Terminal for High Voltage AC System Control . This state-of-the art operating terminal allows comfortable and flexible control of high voltage test transformer or resonance test systems. The Industrial PC based control system is specifically designed for the needs of HV testing. Read more. Download
  • Partial Discharge Detectors: By adding one of our PD detectors and coupling capacitors, customers can make partial discharge measurements.
  • OT 248-DTC is a compact control unit. The unit can easily be integrated into a Haefely desk or any other standard 19″ rack