800PL Analog Series - Portable DC Hipot

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Rugged and portable construction
  • Shielded output cable
  • Full-wave voltage doubling rectifier
  • Zero start interlock and guard circuit
  • Internal discharge solenoid
  • Meter accuracu +- 2% full scale
  • Environmental friendly FR3 transformer oil
  • 5-10 mA current rating


  • Ideal for field testing applications
  • Automatic grounding of power supply and test object when high voltage is turned OFF.
  • Minimal setup time and simple control panel
  • Accurate current measurement and guard circuit designed to eliminate stray leakage currents.
  • Cable
  • Transformers
  • electrical Switchgear
  • Motors
  • Generators
  • Other Electrical Apparatus
  • HHDA13-280: Grounding Stick, rated to 120 KV
  • EXT-WARN-1: One year extended warranty

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Application Guide

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