7BT60 - Vacuum Interrupter Test Set

Additional Product Information

Features & Benefits


  • Automatic testing
  • 0ó60kV AC output voltage
  • Dwell timer
  • Memory kilovoltmeter
  • Pre-settable output kilovoltmeter
  • Failure indicator lamp
  • 500 and 3000 V/sec rise time
  • Removable high voltage section for operator safety
  • Rugged field case
  • Field proven reliability


  • Go, no go test and a pass / fail indicator lamp provides immediate, visual indication of test results
  • Easy to use with a minimum amount of setup time and user training, means testing can start right away
  • Portable and self-contained, single unit is suitable for field use
  • One step testing means the user sets the desired test parameters and the sequence is automatically run
  • Vacuum interrupters in switchgear
  • Electric utilities
  • Test companies
  • Petrochemical utilities
  • Facility maintenance
  • Extended Warranty: One year extended warranty
  • Spare Parts Kit

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Application Guide

Read more about our 7BT60 in the utility and substation testing application guide! Download