Power Transformer Test Equipment

Power transformers are used to transport and distribute the electrical energy generated and consumed, therefore its reliability is of maximum importance. HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS offers a complete product range to measure the status of power transformers following international (IEC and ANSI) and national standards.

The product family includes turns ratio meters frequency response meters,  power factor (capacitance & tan delta), recovery voltage (RVM) meters  and winding analizers .

Due to our high accuracy, our devices are the preferred option from power transformers manufactures to utilities and contractors.

Frequency Response Analyzers FRA 5310

Frequency Response Analyzer

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MIDAS 2881

Power Factor Tester

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MIDAS micro 2883

C & Tan Delta / Power Factor Tester

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Recovery Voltage Meter RVM 5462

Recovery Voltage Meter

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Winding Analyzer 2293

Automatic Transformer Winding Analyzer

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Turns Ratio Meters

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