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HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS prides itself on being in the forefront of high voltage testing in the areas of AC Withstand, UVHDC, Partial Discharge, and Impulse among others. From our standard AC and DC hipots, to our transformer test systems; we work with our customers to provide the best solution for testing a wide range of high voltage apparatus.

Below we’ve compiled a range of materials to help you understand issues related to high voltage test and measurement, as well as the power and energy industries. We’re happy to provide all materials for free to view or download. If you have an interest in the subject, or would like more information please contact us directly.

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General Topics

Equipment for On-Site Testing of HV Insulation
Experiences with Stationary and Mobile Calibration Laboratories
From the glow corona into the breakdown
Influence of humidity on the breakdown voltage of d.c. and a.c. voltages in air
New Methods for Improving the Reliability of Non-Destructive High Voltage Testing
On-site testing of high voltage equipment
The Origins, the Effects and the Simulation of Transients, as well as their International Standardization

Cable Fault Location

Basic TDR Techniques
Partial Discharge Pulse Shape Analysis to Discriminate Near and Far End Failures for Cable Location

Aerial Lift / Bucket Truck Testing

Bucket and Rubber Goods Testing

Transformer Testing

Automatic Impulse Voltage Routine Testing of Distribution Transformers
Circuit design of impulse generators for the lightning impulse voltage testing of transformers
Impulse testing of power transformers using the transfer function method
Measuring Ratio on Power Transformers with Higher Test Voltages
On-Site Impulse Tests and corresponding Measurement and Analysis Techniques for Power Transformers
Short Circuit Impedance on Transformers
The Transfer Function Method for Detection of Winding Displacements on Power Transformers after Transport, Short Circuit or 30 Years of Service
Winding Resistances on Power Transformers

High Voltage Cable Testing

Fast transient currents on the shields of auxiliary cables after switching operations in high-voltage substations and high-voltage laboratories
Operating of Water Terminations for Testing Power Cables
Partial discharge measurements on power cables
Testing of high voltage power cables with series resonant systems and water terminations
Two Years experience with a Mobile Resonant Test System for Testing of Installed Medium and High Voltage Power Cables

GIS Testing

On-site high-voltage testing of metal-enclosed gas-insulated substations
On-Site Testing of Gas Insulated Substation with AC Voltage

EMC Testing

Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing of Electronic Components, Subassemblies, Measuring Instruments and Systems
Surge testing requirements analysis

Impulse Testing

6MV Impulse-voltage generator for the high voltage test station of the Siemens Schaltwerk in Berlin
A new solution for the extension of the load range of impulse voltage generators
A new triggered multiple gap system for any kind of voltages
A new type of voltage divider for the measurement of high impulse and a.c. voltages
An impulse generator to simulate lightning effects on aircraft
An outdoor-impulse-generator for 5.6 Mill. Volt
Automation of high voltage impulse tests
Breakdown Behaviour of Air Spark-Gaps with Non-Homogeneous Field at Bias Voltages
Calibration of Digital Impulse Measuring Systems
Circuit design of impulse generators for the lightning impulse voltage testing of transformers
High voltage testing of metal-enclosed, gas-insulated substations on-site with oscillating switching impulse voltages
Increasing the Trigger Range of a Marx Generator by means of Auxiliary Spark Gaps
Increasing the trigger Range of a Marx Generator by means of Auxiliary Spark Gaps
Influence of the Pre-Discharges on Breakdown Behaviour of the Negative Rod-Plane Spark-Gap at Standard 1.2/50 Impulse Voltages
Influence of the source impedance on the breakdown behaviour of air spark-gaps
Long-duration impulse current generator for arrester tests according to IEC recommendations
Mechanism to explain the switching impulse phenomena
Normalized calculation of impulse current circuits for given impulse currents
Performance and Calibration of High-End Impulse Analysing Systems
Problems related to switching impulse generation at high voltages in the test plant
Simulation of multiple lightning strokes in laboratory
Steep front impulse generators for EMP-simulation
Test on high voltage metal oxide surge arresters with impulse currents
The current status of high voltage impulse measurements
The Firing Probability of Coupling Spark Gaps of the Multiplying Circuit according to Marx
The generation of lightning and switching impulse voltages in the UHV region with an improved Marx circuit
Transient Phenomena in the Marx Multiplying Circuit after Firing the First Coupling Spark Gap

Partial Discharge

Breaking the limit of power capacitor resonance frequency with help of PD pulse spectrum to check and setup PD measurement
Easy Measurement of PD Transfer Impedance using Network Analyzer
Evaluation and Limitations of Corona Discharge Measurements – An Application Point of View
Innovative Application of Frequency Response Analysis for Partial Discharge Measurement
Partial Discharge Pulse Shape Analysis to Discriminate Near and Far End Failures for Cable Location
PD Performance of UHV-DC Test Equipment
Simultaneous Dissipation Factor and Partial Discharge Measurement on Rotating Machines – Limitations, Challenges, Solutions


DC Voltage Test systems in the megavolt range
High Power HVDC test equipment for pollution testing
PD Performance of UHV-DC Test Equipment
Ultra-high voltage d.c. power supplies for large currents